A new development has been announced that will add promenades, a marina and luxury homes to the waterfront of Business Bay…

The new waterfront area will be called Marasi Business Bay, and will be built along Dubai canal’s edge in Business Bay – its promenade, when finished, will be the largest in the emirates at 12km long and 15 metres wide.

The most exciting news? Part of the Promenade will be finished at the end of this year to open in line with the Dubai Canal’s completion, meaning Business Bay will have a beautiful waterside walkway before 2016’s finished.

In a few years’ time the project will have what they’re calling “the UAE’s first water homes”, floating restaurants, and five marinas. Most of this will be completed by 2020 (and it will be completely finished in 2023).

Many of the homes will be built right on the water and will have direct boat access and views straight out to the canal. The development hopes to become a bit of a yachting hub, with 1,250 berths for boats on offer as well as a fancy Yacht Club.

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