Chef Colin Clague is famous in Dubai for running some of the best restaurants in the city, including Jean Georges, Zuma and Qbara. He parted ways with Jean Georges earlier this year because he “wanted to create something really special”. Now, with Ruya, located in the Grosvenor House Dubai, Clague is joining two fellow master chefs – Vineet Bhatia and Gary Rhodes – who have helped turn Grosvenor House Hotel into the gastronomic epicentre of Dubai.

Ruya’s stunning tile work, dark wood floors, theatrical lighting and enormous central oven make it one of the more impressive interiors we’ve seen this year, and the addition of a bar, lounge and separate terrace suggests that it is looking to replicate the success of restaurant/bar concepts such as Zuma. But can Anatolian cuisine (that’s fancy speak for Turkish food) be exceptional enough to match the cool, sophisticated vibe of the hotel? In one word: yes.


Food: A-

Atmosphere: Equally great for a party as it is for a romantic night out, Ruya is versatile, cool, and chic.

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